Coatings and coulis

Culinat organic coulis

Our incomparable coulis made from fruit harvested at its final stage of ripeness provide an intense taste, sensation in the mouth and colours of exceptional quality. They make it possible to attempt a variety of culinary creations. Their recipes are the result of a genuine artisanal process. Transformed in our workshops, they allow us to magnify this raw material, rigorously selected to preserve all its organoleptic qualities. Our process guarantees that our coulis have an ideal texture, colour and hold that will delight both the mouth and the eyes !

Culinat organic coatings 

Discover our delicious coatings with the perfect hold to accompany your chocolate sponges, floating islands, ice cream sundaes….You will be able to quickly enhance your desserts, with a simple gesture, while adding essential flavours: chocolate coating or caramel coating. Satisfy all your guests young and old !

Their Advantages :

  • High concentration with a minimal amount.
  • Format adapted to avoid waste.