Pastry flavourings and extracts

Pastry flavourings and extracts

Flavour has always accompanied our dishes and using it becomes an art when it comes to baking ! Culinat has created a range of organic flavourings and extracts to meet the growing demand for flavouring and naturalness.

Let your taste buds guide you to develop sophisticated balances of scents in all simplicity and discover intense, gourmet flavours through: traditional know-how, an aromatic quality as irreproachable as it is constant and a versatility of use that gives you more opportunity for creativity. Our products are concentrated for a precise amount for you to use when baking treats such as ice cream, cookies, dairy desserts, pastries… Easily give your desserts a “personal” touch that is elegant, innovative and subtle.

Their Advantages :

  • High concentration with a minimal amount.
  • Format adapted to avoid waste.

Available items :

  • Organic orange blossom flavouring 250 ml
  • Organic lemon flavouring 60 ml
  • Organic orange flavouring 60 ml
  • Organic bitter almond flavouring 60 ml
  • Organic pistachio flavouring 60 ml
  • Organic raspberry flavouring 60 ml
  • Organic sweetened liquid coffee extract 60 ml
  • Organic Bourbon vanilla flavouring 20 ml