Sugars and baking powders

Culinat gluten-free baking powder

We manufacture and offer specialities such as organic baking powder, which is phosphate-free and gluten-free, mainly used for cakes, pancakes or even some biscuits such as organic cookies ! It allows the dough to “rise” during the baking process, bringing softness and obtaining a light, airy and supple cake.

Culinat organic baking yeast

An essential ingredient in bakery, it is the perfect companion for all homemade baking fans to make all your favourite breads and pastries: bread, brioche, pancakes, fritters, pizzas … It ensures your dough will be completely light and airy thanks to the product having risen excellently.

Culinat organic vanilla sugar

An incredible aromatic power through the mastery of the process of extracting the fragrance from the vanilla. In order to obtain the complete vanilla aromas, extracts and sugars, the extraction of the vanilla is carried out entirely in our workshops, thanks to two main stages of transformation: maceration and concentration. Throughout the process, we control the temperature to preserve all the pods’ organoleptic qualities and the subtle perfume of their 300 components. An absolute must-have, you will reap the rewards at home with this unique flavour, both sweet and intense, flavourful desserts with delicately flowery scents: cakes, biscuits, pots of cream, choux buns…

Their Advantages:

  • Measured bag for one mix
  • Gluten-free items