Corporate Social Responsibility

CULINAT, a LA PATELIERE brand, dedicated to specialised organic channels


« Established since its origin in the Gers region, LA PATELIERE designs healthy products, respecting all at the same time tastes, natural balances and gastronomic heritage. Involved in organic products since 1995, we aim to promote creativity and arouse emotion thanks to baking ingredients that are always respectful of the environment and our well-being. All our gourmet products focus on authenticity and quality and are ready to use to assist all baking lovers with their creations.

Our values and philosophy reflect the socially and environmentally responsible company we are. For many years, we have been striving to limit our environmental impact by optimising the management of our waste and energy consumption. We also advocate authenticity in human relationships, trust and respect. In order to promote these good practices, LA PATELIERE has committed to a fair trade policy with Ecocert. It is important to us to engage in fair trade channels, to get involved in local regions and to build close and fair relationships with our producers and customers. It is thanks to an optimistic, talented and motivated team that LA PATELIERE is turned towards the future and innovation, redoubling its creativity every day and forging lasting links with its partners. » Cédric CLOUZEAU,  CEO of LA PATELIERE.

Notre RSE

We act responsibly and ethically

LA PATELIERE incorporates ethics as a strong value that must be applied at all levels of the company, in all activities and projects. More than just a statement of intent, our values and commitments are rigorously formalised in our corporate policy and our code of good conduct. We apply our Code of Conduct. Everyone undertakes to respect the company’s values and internal rules and the company’s commitments to its partners as well as its own commitments in whatever form.

We guarantee and seek social balance and fairness


We create jobs, training opportunities and specially adapted workplaces for disadvantaged / discriminated groups, such as people with disabilities.
We are aware that gender balance and diversity are important vehicles for growth, and so LA PATELIERE is committed to guaranteeing professional equality between women and men.

We promote internal communication and workplace well-being

Management encourages and supports employee feedback and suggestions for improvement, beyond complaints (suggestion box, culture of open discussion, etc.). Since the beginning of 2019, there has been a point of contact for harassment: there is a mechanism that allows a complaint to be filed, in complete discretion and security, with a staff member designated to listen to employees’ problems regarding sexual harassment.

We promote the development of both women and mens

We support employee development and training: we aim for 100% individual assessment and development interviews. We also promote internal promotion and encourage a policy of local recruitment.

Our organisation is at the service of customers and consumers

Listening to customers feeds LA PATELIERE’s strategy and management: it makes our organisation more responsive. All of the company’s stakeholders are committed to a permanent quality approach by strictly respecting the specifications for the products we manufacture. Through our brands, we offer consumers adapted product offers, recipes, and personalised advice (e.g. development of “gluten-free” products certified by AFDIAG). As for our quality management system, it puts the emphasis on food safety: IFS certification of our manufacturing site.

We reduce our environmental impact

We make sure that we respect selective sorting and recycling of our waste. Whenever possible, we select recyclable packaging for the design of our products, while ensuring optimal storage conditions. We take care to limit our own environmental impact by monitoring and analysing our consumption of gas, water and electricity. We take particular care in maintaining the natural areas of our production site located in rural areas: no insecticides, manual or mechanical weeding, flowerbeds (lavender, etc.).

We are developing our ORGANIC range, which is good for nature

DFor more than 20 years, the growing development of our organic items has favoured the virtuous practices of organic agriculture beneficial to preserving our biodiversity.

We are proud to be committed to the fight against food waste

We regularly donate products to food banks or charities such as Les Restos du cœur and Secours Populaire to limit waste.

We ensure safety at work

Potentially hazardous areas are clearly identified, with signs that employees can understand and/or pictograms. Employees also have access to PPE provided by the company. We are aiming for an workplace accident frequency rate of 0.

We act for the company’s sustainability

We are constantly on the lookout for innovations in our sector of activity, trends, new markets and new customers, through our participation in trade fairs, conferences specialising in the food industry and regular reading of magazines such as RIA, Process… and by being a member of SYNABIO and AREA OCCITANIE.

We buy responsibly and foster long-term relationships

Our purchases are made with a view to performance, with the aim of creating a relationship of trust and durability with our suppliers throughout the world. We are extremely sensitive to the origin and quality of our ingredients and therefore impose strict specifications on our suppliers. By signing the specifications, they undertake to respect our ethical, environmental and commercial values.
We favour small producers and their organisations where possible to bring them real and sustainable added value. We are committed to ECOCERT’s FAIR FOR LIFE certification in 2018 and wish to continue the development of fair trade products.

We participate in the development of the local economy

We are determined to remain a major employer in our local area, to favour open-ended contracts and to join an employers’ alliance to provide stability to the staff made available.
We also regularly support local events (sponsor of the Condom and Nérac rugby clubs, sponsor of the Fête de la Madeleine in Moncrabeau…).