Bourbon vanilla in alls its forms


Vanilla is the emblematic gourmet spice, it is the queen of baking ingredients, its legendary and intoxicating fragrance is inimitable.

At CULINAT, we have a huge amount of experience in the search for ORGANIC Vanilla, we select only the best plantations, the best ORGANIC pods harvested by hand and grown on the island of Madagascar. We have also developed a special extraction method that “captures” the full and intense profile of the ORGANIC pod and preserves all 300 components of this subtle fragrance. The result of our work is an exceptional quality of pods, extracts, flavours and powders that are easily adaptable to an unlimited range of culinary applications. You are bound to find the quality you are looking for in our products!

Their Advantages :

  • Measured bag for one mix
  • Ideal packaging for optimum preservation