Gelling agents

Culinat organic gelling agents for baking


For a long time, we have been finding solutions to problems related to the preservation, texture and emulsification of ORGANIC culinary creations in the broadest sense of the term. As a result, Culinat is offering specialities based on ORGANIC products such as agar-agar harvested on the French coast which have many uses when it comes to the culinary arts. They have gelling, thickening or texturising properties, which make it possible to modify the consistency of a base (cream, mousse, coulis, jam…). Depending on the amount used, their properties and the composition of the mixture with which they are used, it is possible to obtain more or less dense and compact, fluid or melting creations. Essential items that will allow you to push the limits of your creativity!

Their Advantages :

  • Agar-Agar: a plant-based gelling agent compatible with vegan food.
  • Arrowroot : a plant-based thickener compatible with vegan food.
  • “Gold quality” food gelatin – 200 Bloom.