Dried fruits

Organic dried fruits


To bring softness and crunch to your ORGANIC desserts or simply for decoration. Our ORGANIC dried fruits can be used in a thousand and one ways in baking and offer multiple flavours to all your desserts, from the most traditional to the most in vogue!

Fall under the charm, for example, of the intoxicating flavours of our ORGANIC Praline granules : Ideal for your chocolate desserts: creams, fondants, brownies, mousses… It also improves everyday bakes: muffins, biscuits, cakes, sponges… Experience all the possibilities of combinations thanks to our range of CULINAT ORGANIC dried fruits: granolas, rolls, cookies, savoury or sweet dishes, brioches. The packaging has a resealable fresh zip allowing you to keep the best taste at all times!

Their Advantages :

  • Packaged in Doypack for optimum preservation.
  • Freshness zip for easy and convenient opening and closing.
  • Format adapted to avoid waste.

Available items :

  • Organic whole almond powder 125 g
  • Organic slivered almonds 125 g
  • Organic bleached almond powder 125 g
  • Organic roasted hazelnut pieces 50
  • Organic hazelnut powder 125 g
  • Organic praline powder 100 g
  • Organic grated coconut 125 g
  • Organic sultana raisins 125 g
  • Organic whole sesame 125 g
  • Organic pine nuts 50 g
  • Organic walnut kernels 50 g
  • Organic corn for popping 125 g